On a Mission to Expand Health Equity

We founded MiSalud Health amid the pandemic to help all hard-working Latinos get access to care providers who understand their unique situation and needs.

What We Believe

We believe that living a healthy life is a fundamental right. At MiSalud Health, we are working to combine technology with a network of Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals who understand the unique health circumstances of Latino workers and their families.

Our Team

The team behind MiSalud's services and technology are predominantly Latino and have worked at some of the world's best-known technology companies: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. However, we still make tamales in our homes on special occasions and know the feeling of anxiety when the red light comes on as we pass through customs with gifts for our families.

Our Roots

The family of one of our founders — Bismarck Lepe — came to the United States as Mexican immigrants, working in the fields without health insurance. Because they returned to Mexico each winter, they met all of their medical needs only while in their home country. To this day, Bismarck's mother still travels to Tijuana, Mexico, to see her dentist and buy medicine. We know this experience is not exclusive to Bismarck's parents.

Our Leadership

Cindy Blanco Ochoa
CEO, Co-founder
Wendy Johansson
Chief Product Officer, Co-founder
Bismarck Lepe
Chairman, Co-founder

Our Investors

MiSalud Health