Affordable bilingual health and wellness services for your employees

MiSalud offers unlimited and immediate access to a fully bilingual network of Doctors, Therapists, and Health Professionals - all for a fixed and incredibly low monthly cost!

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Top 5 Benefits of MiSalud for Your Business & Employees


No Copays and Deductibles

Employees enjoy unlimited and immediate access to certified doctors for an incredibly low flat rate.

Unlimited mental health sessions

Plans include unlimited sessions with our certified mental health professionals.


Discount on Prescription Drugs

Enjoy up to 80% discount on prescription drugs at nearby pharmacies for accessible convience.

Personalized Health and Wellness Plans

Our Health Coaches will work employees to create evidence-based personal health plans that improve daily life and productivity.


Manage and Prevent Chronic Conditions

MiSalud gives access to a network of medical laboratories and tests, as well as proven strategies to help identify, prevent or control chronic health conditions.

MiSalud is the only platform that offers all these benefits under the same plan:

Immediate Consultations: Speak with a MiSalud doctor in 5 minutes or less.

Total Privacy: MiSalud complies with all HIPAA privacy requirements.

Unlimited Access: MiSalud works under a fixed monthly fee, with and without health insurance!

Incredibly Affordable: MiSalud costs less monthly than the average single-visit copay.

MiSalud helps you to achieve your business goals

MiSalud will partner with you to identify goals, reduce turnover costs, drive employee engagement and ensure program success.

Today's work environment is incredibly competitive, but you don't have to face it alone. The MiSalud team will work hand in hand with you to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Employees Love MiSalud

Here's what they have to say:

“I have been living in the USA for 10 months and the health system here is very broken. More companies need to do what you are doing!”

Moreno Valley, CA

“This was my first consultation, the quality was excellent, I wouldn’t change a thing."

San Jose, CA

“I appreciate that you care so much about us, my primary care doctor doesn’t even bother.”

Lakewood, CA

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