Culturally Appropriate Care for the Latino Workforce

Improve employee health and wellbeing with MiSalud Health, an innovative virtual care platform designed to deliver measurable results for both employees and employers.

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Support Equity in Health

The social determinants of health give rise to health inequalities and barriers to care for Latinos. These dynamics were exacerbated during the global COVID pandemic.


report delaying or avoiding care due to cost, even if they have insurance, leading to more time off work


higher voluntary turnover among minority employees, at cost of 6-9 months’ salary


higher rate of chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, which impacts employee productivity


of U.S. Hispanic adults with mental health concerns do NOT receive treatment each year


Value for Employers and Employees

MiSalud Health's service is designed to improve health outcomes, reduce the cost of chronic conditions, improve health plan literacy, and support employee retention and productivity.

Manage Chronic Conditions

Reduce costs for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Our clinical team has a proven record of identifying chronic conditions and delivering effective care plans.

Support Mental Health

MiSalud’s mental health coaches have a proven track record of helping employers reduce reported rates of anxiety and depression among their Hispanic employees.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

With MiSalud Health, employees are more aware and engaged in their health, which leads to better outcomes and lower healthcare expenses for employers.

Wellness Programs that Work

An effective wellness program reduces costs by 25% from absenteeism, healthcare, and workers’ compensation and disability claims costs.

Reduce Absenteeism and Turnover

Our unique approach of building trust with employees yields higher engagement relative to peers, Result: lower absenteeism, lower lost-labor and replacement costs.

Improve Health Literacy

Depending on your needs, our health coaches improve employees’ awareness of existing benefits and programs that they may not be taking advantage of.


Build Trust with Culturally Attuned Care


MiSalud enrollment rate, compared to 4-8% industry average


Post-consultation satisfaction score from MiSalud members

1 Day

Same day appointments to talk with the MiSalud Care Team

MiSalud Programs

Our consultative offerings cover physical health and mental health — as well as customizable programs covering health screenings, chronic disease management, nutrition programs, and personalized care plans.

Physical Health

Acute care consultations, personalized care plans for chronic conditions, and more.

Mental Health

Support for addressing anxiety, depression, and other conditions.

Employee Wellness

Proven, holistic approaches to promoting employee wellbeing.

Measurable Results: Reporting & Analytics

MiSalud’s employer dashboard provides actionable data:

Enrollment and engagement
Clinical outcomes for chronic conditions
Utilization of mental health programs

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